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Portuguese cooking utensils. Cooking with curtis

Portuguese Cooking Utensils

portuguese cooking utensils

    cooking utensils
  • (cooking utensil) a kitchen utensil made of material that does not melt easily; used for cooking

  • This is a list of food preparation utensils, some of which are known as kitchenware.

  • the Romance language spoken in Portugal and Brazil

  • of or relating to or characteristic of Portugal or the people of Portugal or their language; "Portuguese wines"

  • a native or inhabitant of Portugal

  • Of or relating to Portugal or its people or language

eu em china

eu em china

trabalo dos mais diferenti de toda minha careira
Meu Resumo

Basic information

Name : Alexandro M. Felipe
Sex : Male
Date of birth : March 2, 1978
Residence : Guangzhou City
Length of service
E-mail : Alex136323@hotmail.com
Mobile phone : 086-13632339934


Nearly a decade of experience in the kitchen, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, English. I understand basic Chinese (Cantonese and mandarin) verbally. I? a cheerful person and can get along with anyone.

Job intention

Preferably, I? like to work: Full-time
Wage expectations : Negotiable

Work experience

Industry : Executive chef

That was a very stable job with a established salary, a steady working hour, a safe working conditions. The job had let me meet more customers, I? quite capable to get on with collegues and customers as well.
06/2003--09/2003 : Dongguan, Guangdong Province ZHANGMUTOU Tri Mid-level hotel
Industry : hotel
executive chef
Although this is only a short-term work, luckily I have learnt a lots of this job, I must mention about it.
One is to work during the summer vacation of the entire city ZHANGMUTOU Carnival. I, as a guest, a cook in the city's largest hotel!
From a environment without any Brazillian barbecue utensils, I used a week on preparations for all the things. But there, I began to have many clientele !
01/2001?5/2003 : Guangzhou Samba restaurants
Industry : Restaurants
That was my first job in China, my employer was very fond of me! During the three years of employment, I have learnt a lots of the traditional Chinese cultura then; I started to learn additional Chinese dishes combine with authentic Brazillian cuisine.

Educational experience: High school
07/1990--03/1993 COLEGIO BONBOSCO high school




Some anecdotes are known for the early history of sukiyaki. One is about a medieval nobleman. He stopped at a peasant's hut after a hunt and ordered him to cook the game. The peasant realized that his cooking utensils were improper for the noble, so he cleaned up his spade (suki in Japanese) and broiled (yaki) the meat on it. Another story is about the Portuguese in the sixteenth century in Japan, where beef was not common food. They eagerly ate animals everywhere, even on suki.[citation needed]

In the 1890s when Japan was opened to foreigners, new cooking styles were also introduced. Cows, milk, meat, and egg became widely used, and sukiyaki was the most popular way to serve them. The first sukiyaki restaurant, Isekuma, opened in Yokohama in 1862.

Beef is the primary ingredient in today's sukiyaki. There were two main ways of cooking sukiyaki: a Kanto (Tokyo area) and a Kansai (Osaka area) style. In the Kanto way, the special cooking sauce's ingredients are already mixed. In the Kansai way, the sauce is mixed at the time of eating. But after the great Kanto earthquake of 1923, the people of Kanto, temporarily moved to the Osaka area. While the people of Kanto were in Osaka, they got accustomed to the Kansai style of sukiyaki, and when they returned to Kanto, they introduced the Kansai sukiyaki style, where it has since become popular.

portuguese cooking utensils

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