Vintage Cooking Pictures. Su Vide Cooking

Vintage Cooking Pictures

vintage cooking pictures

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Swedish vintage cook books

Swedish vintage cook books

I LOVE old cook books and have an amazing collection ca 1930s-80s.These here that I sold off are doubles.

This picture pertains to my set "Things I've sold" and are pics that I put out on Tradera (Swedish e-Bay) about five years ago. I just found these pictures hidden away on my computer and realised suddenly what a great documentary they are for me, in that I used to be an avid collector of 50s-70s stuff and have great memories of most of the stuff I sold. Some I regret selling, but most I realised I had to let go since I for many reasons wanted a fresh start. And things do hold you down.

Vintage Baking Oven & Asbestos Pad

Vintage Baking Oven & Asbestos Pad

Vintage, labeled, 4-piece "baking oven" with an asbestos pad designed to be placed over heated stove for moderating cooking temperatures inside the mini-oven.

Illustrated cooking configuration on asbestos pad shows placement of components; although as shown, asbestos pad is pictured inside trivet and lid-cover is in background.

Printed product label indicates "Sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co."

vintage cooking pictures

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